Unite4heritage is a UNESCO Global program celebrated which aims to show rich and diverse of any culture in the globe.

The Hope Society did the Unite4heritage program with UNESCO in South Sudan on December 15th 2015 for one day. The program was divided into two the first one was a panel discussion was under the theme “How Can We Benefit from Heritage of South Sudan”.

Professor Mairi John a linguist from University of Juba presented a paper “National Languages as Tools of Empowerment” he discussed how we can use national languages as tools of empowerment saying that many South Sudanese doesn’t like to see their countrymen speaking their mother tongue and arch the parliament to bring a law that make national languages useful.

Another presenter was the dean of college of drama, music and fine arts in University of Juba Justin Buwali his paper was titled “the Role of Culture Dance in building Unity” he concentrated on different kinds of dances in South Sudan and said that these dances are very useful tools for building a nation and making lasting peace in the community.

Daniel Samson came in as a commentator and commented on both papers describing the need for unity through culture and writing.

And Khalid Salah UNESCO Director talked about the need of South Sudanese to use their own culture and heritage to overcome the differences.

After the panel discussion cultural activity took place. Different dancing groups preformed and singers also such as Hip Hop Revolution, Isaka Number 1 and Emmanuel Kembe. People were able to understand the rich culture of South Sudan through dancing and songs.    

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