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 The Hope Society is an Artistic, Cultural and non-profit National, non-partisan, non-political, Non-Governmental Organization, which works with artists, writers, musicians and actors/actresses to promote and improve Arts and culture of South Sudan by using the power of words through Forums on folktales, storytelling. And fine arts (painting initiatives, workshops and exhibitions) drama shows, Traditional and modern dancing and other cultural activities around the country and use that to build lasting and durable peace. The “HS” was founded by South Sudanese Youth. And registered legally on Oct/ 29/ 2014 at the ministry of Justice, and currently participating in promoting and developing the culture of South Sudan and empowering talented youth to constructively participate in peace by embracing Tolerance and reconciliation through visual and performing arts. 


Helping young writers, actors and artists to realize, develop and improve their talents. 


Changing the society through preaching the culture of peace. 

The objectives:

1. Promoting and developing the cultures of South Sudan. 

2. Making the South Sudanese culture known to the rest of Africa and world as well. 

3. Bringing artist (writers, painters) together. 

4. Supporting young talented people (short stories writers, poets and poetess, painters, actors and tale writers) by improving and shaping their talent. 

5. Printing and publish the works of artists and writers. 

6. Preaching the culture of peace among the citizen. 

7. Using the culture as a tool to bring unity among the citizen. 

8. Supporting acculturation between different/diverse cultures. 

9. Organizing arts competition (short stories, tale and painting). 

10. Making forums and seminars about culture, arts and development. 

11. Empowers women, help children and support the artists. 

12. Campaigning for civic education about (health, peace and tolerance). 

13. Using the Arts and Culture for social development. 

14. Forming cultural centers in all provinces of South Sudan. 

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Juba, South Sudan

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