Stories from St. Bakhita

Story of poor Lokuru

By: Nancy Daniel

Primary five (5)

There was a man called Lokolong he was a Taposa by tribe and he lived in a small village called Nachipo in Narus. Lokolong was a rich man while Lokuru was a poor man. Lokuru used to carry water to Lokolong`s house, one day he became sick and so he did not want to carry then another boy by passing near him he sent this boy to go and ask for money from Lokolong to buy the medicine. Then Lokolong replied by saying go there I don`t have any money to give him then the boy went back to Lokuru`s place and told him what Lokolong said. 

Lokuru thanked the boy when the boy left the place Lokuru stayed for one day and then he died! 

After the death of Lokuru, Lokolong also became sick and after a while he died because no one took care of him.

Forced Marriage

By: Sarafina Japan David 

Primary five (5)

Achol was a seventeen years old girl she lived with her parents and was studying in secondary school.

One day it happened that a man came to her parents and said he want to marry Achol and make her his wife.

This man was sixty years old and a minister. So he said that he will pay 200,000 South Sudanese Pounds as a dowry.

Achol`s parents accepted their daughter to be married by that old man because payment was high. 

But Achol was brave and refused to marry the old when asked by parents. 

When she refused the father beat her. Then Achol decided to run away and went to Human Rights office and she was safe. She learn there while she finish her school and she came back to parents and asked for forgiveness and she was forgiven be her parents. 

And I like to advice you people especially in our continent Africa, many tribes still following these traditional marriages. Where by a young child is marry by an old man that`s not good. You keep girl child right.

A girls have a right to go to school and this changes her life.

The Bad Servant and Princess 

By: Nunu Juma 

Primary six (6)

There was a king, the king has one son and one daughter and was living happily. One day the king decided to go to another village he left his daughter alone at home. The time the king went one of the servants said to the girl, you girl I love you!

Then the girl said you are my servant how can I love you? 

From there the girl went into her room and the man said I want to sleep in your room. The girl cried and no one came to help her. Then the girl took bottle of soda and knock the servant`s head. The next day her father, brother and mother came back home, then they found the servant was crying the king ask what is wrong?

The servant answered that your daughter brought her boyfriend and I did not open for them the gate, then her boyfriend began to beat me with the bottle of soda. The king said to his son take the girl out of here. The boy left with his sister and reached the forest then he said to her I cannot kill you my sister I know that what that servant said to our father was a lie, the boy then saw an animal so he killed it and took the blood of the animal home.

The king was happy that his daughter was dead!

After some time a hunter found the girl when he went for hunting and then took the girl with him to his place. After some time the girl decided to make a banquet and invite the people of the village including the king.

All people came and even the king himself enjoyed the meal and they was happy. And then the girl started talking about how she met the hunter and that she was a princess and how her brother saved her after she was supposed to be killed by him because of what the servant said to the king. She shed tears and many people felt sorry.

After she finished her speaking the king ordered that servant to be killed and it happen and then he took his daughter home  and lived happy.          

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