Peace Photo Exhibition

Peace Photo Exhibition with IPYG

October 2015

Hope Society has become affiliated to International Peace Youth Group “IPYG” (a youth organization based in South Korea) in August 2016 in order to work for peace in South Sudan as the organization aims to promote peace and tolerance through arts and culture.

On Oct 30th 2015 Hope Society and IPYG organized a peace photo exhibition in nyakuron cultural center for one day. The photos which were displayed were from different places in Africa and the world which talk about peace and hope and need to development and was attended by many people most of them were youths.

The program contained speeches from guest speakers, displaying photos and video about IPYG activities around the globe.

Her Excellency Marta Solomon of Embassy of Spain in Juba spoke about peace momentum and the unyielding need for peace in the world because peace a something that we can talk about every day and everywhere because it is important.

Minister Francis Dabe minister of culture, antiquities, youth and sports of central equatorial state said that youth are always the peacemakers. And when war breaks out they ones who suffer and die. But peace is vital especially in South Sudan situation.

And then came Minister Deng Deng Hoc of ministry of environment he told the audience especially youth to work together for peace. And mentioned how the photos displayed are so effective and tells stories of peace and perseverance

Then videos were played and audience were able after the video to see pictures and discuss issues related to peace and the role that youth can play in such a diverse country as South Sudan.      

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