Murals Project

St Bakhita Girls Primary School, Narus- South Sudan

November 2016

The Murals Project aimed to supporting talented pupils in St Bakhita School and discover all talents plus doing murals on school walls educative and cultural ones, which Hope Society artists did in a one week work. The project was planned and implemented by Hope Society and was funded by Mercy Beyond Borders International (MBB)! 

The project started on Nov 8th and ended on Nov 14th it contained three programs which were all done with pupils starting from fine arts, kneading and storytelling. Half of school pupils of which are 600 half of them participated in these three sessions.  

  • Fine art. 

In which pupils were taught by HS artists how to draw and mix colors. After first two days pupils were able to finish their own drawings and color them correctly. And also participated in filling in the sketches on the walls along with the artists!
Concerning murals they were twenty one “21” most of them in the school and two “2” in the boarding! 

These murals tells so many different stories. Most of them are educative, some talk about diversity and different cultures of South Sudan and the rest tells things about nature and beauty and how pupils can keep that well.

  • Kneading.

 Fifty “50” handcar shift and six “6” bed sheets were brought from Juba to the school of which pupils managed to finish two “4” bed sheets and will do after exams. But they kneaded all handcar shifts and presented it to the school administration. Girls were able to learn new styles and those who didn’t know learned how to knead which will be helpful to them in the future. 

  • Storytelling. 

Each one have a story to tell, any nation who want to be strong and united allow stories to be told and support storytellers. As storytelling is important especially in case of South Sudan it was vital to address many cases with pupils. But before that they were taught about storytelling and its types plus how to write a successful stories. 

And then they wrote about empowering women in the society and also about forced marriage and important of girl child education and their role in the society of future. At the end the twelve (12) pupils who attended storytelling class were able to write their own stories which we attach with this report. Under name “Stories from St. Bakhita Primary school”.

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