The Workshop for Fine Artists in Juba

Professor Khalid Kodi of Boston College, Massachusetts came to Juba in July 2015 and conducted a three day workshop on South Sudanese visual artists. In which he discussed with issues related to peacebuilding, trauma healing, identity and also colors theory. They worked together for three days and Hope Society was able to assist in making the workshop successes and artists have benefited from it to the far extent. And it was a turning point to many of them.

After three day workshop an exhibition was held in the final day and many people came to what those people did and were impressed by the work done by this young artists under supervision of Kodi!

Also prof. Kodi had a lecture about arts how powerful and strong it can be if used well and told the audiences especially the artists how they can make their own portfolio. And said also that fine arts is not about painting only a fine artist can be designer, photographer, cartoonist …etc.    

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