Hope Society Launches Copyright Awareness Project

The Hope Society (HS) in Collaboration with UNESCO South Sudan office and Ministry of Culture, Museums and National Heritage with support from the European Union (EU), has launched a project on copyright bill awareness raising in Juba on 14th, July, 2022.

The project name is “Support for New Regulatory Framework to Strengthen the Cultural & Creative Industries” in South Sudan. Awareness Raising Workshop on Copyright Bill.

The two days’ workshop took place at Juba Landmark Hotel, whereby many cultural practitioners were selected from different backgrounds, such as writers, Poets/Poetesses, Actors, Directors, Visual Artists, Filmmakers and Cultural Managers.

Mr. Julius Banda the country director of UNESCO said addressing thirty cultural practitioners “arts and culture play a role in people`s lives, as they educate and teach on peace plus the economic values” he also added “that why you are all here as ambassadors of peace and change, the cultural and creative industries play a very big role in the world economy. And you are here to learn how countries like Kenya and Uganda did their work and learn how Nollywood managed to thrive”.

On the other hand, the Founder and Director of Hope Society (HS) Mr. Deng Aling, asserted that “all are gathered here to learn about the importance of the upcoming copyright bill of South Sudan, which is going to organize the creative field and give the artists and cultural practitioners their rights” Mr. Aling Said.

The project will last for two months (July & August) of which activities will take place in Juba and Wau!  

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